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Appreciation of essay writing guide (entrance Hunan a review)

 Appreciation of essay writing guide (entrance Hunan a review). Doc
Since 2005, the entrance of Hunan volume (language) required to read literary works written after the appreciation of a 300 word article, combined with lessons learned so that students understand learn and master the techniques of answering this type of exercise is necessary.
I, Pham Van guide:
how a wonderful Zile (positive headline point of view, is the entry point for writing small)
mm Appreciation, the powerful scene at sunrise, with strong artistic appeal. (brought from the segment: effect of expression means + ① clear appreciation of the object, the selected topics to write ② closely to the overall evaluation)
seize the characteristics of smart contrast, This writing is an important feature. this little description of the scene to write directly, instead of using the side of the contrast solution. assessment, for example, first use seen by the top looking down, Qi Xue and human knee, analysis.
This article uses the metaphor and the anthropomorphic approach has different characteristics. Comment on dynamic, innovative language, and vivid. Analysis of landscape painting, while the mountains around his waist like a cloud to stay with streamers general. enjoy. Analysis of peak Xiongjun view, and given the feelings of mountain people, and vivid image analysis. (main parts: ① collar closely analyzed from the point made in paragraph. ② Syrian side of border meetings. ③ Note that coherent, proper use of ordinal number. ④ provide the appropriate paragraph.)
In short, this clever use of various artistic techniques, writing a Tarzan Shenxiu magnificent Mount can evoke yearning, people deeply feel the broken pieces of the sublime, Zhennai how a Miao Zile. (Summary paragraph: ① ② representation point of view the use of terms (such as the writing method, standardized answer format
i, title basic requirements:
① use the subject heading
② given format: four grid is empty title, subtitle, a separate line, air six grid < br> ii, lead paragraph from the writing requirement:
① clear appreciation of the object, closely linked to the selected topics to write (the title is the point of view is, the subtitle of the writing point of view)

an overall evaluation of the basic format: < br> (1) Analysis of Mathilde for years devoted themselves to the compensation of a fake necklace borrowed the tragic story of a small sharp satire of bourgeois ideology vanity and the pursuit of pleasure.
b, hh is br> Example: description of a revolutionary people's ignorance and sorrow is Lu Xun's short story hh, has a strong artistic appeal. (means + expressive effect)
Example: Zhuzi in the (to time, place, emotion as a clue, the three lines in hand, his right is the skills interlocking clues, and make us clarity, compact layout. (Link analysis from the point made in paragraph. ② Syrian side of border meetings.
③ Note that coherent, proper use of ordinal number. ④ the appropriate section to mention.
iv, paragraph summary of the basic requirements:
① view
reproduction ② the use of terms (such as linked together and inseparable, so that the emotional distillation of the theme in depth. (the use of distinctive metaphor, not only gives a good picture of the Lotus Pond's beauty, but also to convey the author's affection for the pond.
three terms
have some control Appreciation essay writing jargon, to improve the accuracy of Appreciation of
(a) The main theme:
profound conception unique, incisive; break set, something new; thrust deep, rich Rhyme; made nearly aims far, it is interesting; Words While intended to infinity; people I have , people have my way; artistic conception.
(b) the idea of skills:
idea is to be hands-on writing their own articles made from content to form the overall plan. external manifestation of the idea for the article structure . the idea of the article, mainly from the work conception techniques, material selection, structural arrangements, genre, mood, performance methods, and so to judge. common perspective and appreciation of the term:
① the idea from the conception and performance, the commonly used terminology
straight to the point, offer unique finishing touch, Death Badge blog, Form Loose together to Seeing and thought-provoking, child care, ambition, fable send Italy, comparing contrasting, like Young before suppression, suppression want to be Young, playing hard, rebound Pipa, reverse thinking, etc.
② material from the idea of group selection and performance, the commonly used terminology to Seeing
to point, and positive and negative against the background (contrast control), glittering, Poly Form Loose , clever design cues, light and dark intertwined, selection of typical, multi-angle descriptions of appropriate levels of detail, etc..
③ from the structural arrangements (or context relationship) the idea of view, before and after the care of common terminology
(both echo) , layers of bedding, paved the way for clever set (bedding), clever design of suspense, clever Goulian, promoting layers (layers of depth, step by step progression), layers of peeling bamboo shoots, comparison contrast, glittering, red beads (Choi Line beads), the line Loose together, totally natural, out of the total type, parallel structure, maneuvers, open and close freely, plot waves, such as a degree of relaxation.
④ appreciation mood, performance and other aspects of thinking skills techniques, commonly used terminology
actual situation, virtual and real, rigorous thinking, sophisticated ideas, follow the beaten track, such as the use of montage.
(c) of the artistic means:
1. expression: narrative, descriptive, argumentative, lyric , notes, etc..
2. expression means: Xing, association and imagination, symbolism, contrast, contrast, rendering, allusion, allegory.
3. figures of speech: metaphor, personification, parallelism, repetition, and so the dual .
4. writing skills: a dynamic contrast static, dynamic and static; with actual situation; entire areas; side of the description; rough pens; meticulous detailed description; painted shaped vivid;
5 .. description approaches: Portrait Description , action description, psychological description, description of environment (scene description), detail description, etc..
6. lyric: direct lyric (direct expression of the poet), indirect lyric (scenes and lyric by King, child care, ambition, lyric by King, Emotion in the scenery, scenes, scenarios with students to music scene lining grief).
(d) Language features:
fresh and crisp, concise succinct, including but not exposed, Jane pens, carefully written, physical objects the finest of poor form to make phase, poetic, philosophical, thought-provoking, Vivid, Qian Jin easily understood language, speech concise Feng, smooth writing, plain and simple, witty humor, bitter irony, accurate, precise and appropriate, vivid, vivid, vividly, leaving blank, Qingyun long, penetrating, penetrating
four lengthy reference Liwen
a very deep feeling about the atmosphere of history and cultural heritage of the Light is the most significant feature of this landscape description.
first scene from the blending of human and terms, of originality, visit the home but peace of mind is excited, the reason that of , the table yellow grass and down between the horns, to tame the gentle cow is putting , full and without red tape, just right.
In short, the true feelings of the true nature to reveal the scenery among the clever use of the entire areas, movement and color with a reasonable relative to the reader to show a picture of the ancient beauty mountain vagina diagram.
reviews: Twilight of the picture closely Sanin, from the harmony between man and landscape, color harmony mix of static and dynamic view of the natural landscape delicate combination of three aspects of the article Review features scenes and scenery , Analysis and Evaluation Syria seamless, just right. Language elegant, simple,UGG shoes, and the title of the formulation, drafting the structure of the arrangements have shown a more solid writing skills. as out of paper, note 16. (2006 Hunan language entrance standard scoring group pole article)
shading the two lines cross written
mm Analysis of this paper, light and dark two clues intertwined, so that the article clarity, compact layout.
first article I travel the main line of the process of Shaoxing, in order to switch the layout of the site's text. Seen from the scene in the car into the pen, started swimming process. lush scenery and quaint cultural atmosphere.
Secondly, the article from the works of Lu Xun and Lu Xun, the admiration I have for the dark line, with open wire cross songjang. from the Herbs to Sanweishuwu Natural staggered, so that the article at one go, and glorified!
Comment: Appreciation of the paragraph text, one of grasp points on the appreciation of accurate, thorough analysis, evaluation pretty fair, Syria Comment unique combination of analysis, and can to smooth, beautiful, slightly was the language of literary grace, be expressed succinctly. as out of paper, note 16. (2006 Hunan language entrance examination paper marking the benchmark group)
Analysis In this paper, structure and organization can be described as imaginative, to time,UGG boots clearance, place, emotion as a clue, the three lines in hand, his right is a major highlight of this article.
from the ; noon to Shaoxing City. Sanweishuwu, way back, before the reader is presented in a tourist map, the experience seems to be that by the.
from the The image together, ;. thoughts and feelings of the ups and downs, leading the reader into his spiritual world, fascinating.
Furthermore, this tail echo, but also different from the general care of, write Morning ; lights brightly lit, Deepening themes.
reviews: The unique vision that as out of paper, note 16. (2006 Hunan language entrance examination paper marking the benchmark group)
a heartfelt paean to
mm on a prose rich in culture. Yuelu Academy scholar of heartfelt admiration and praise of the Yuelu Academy is the theme of this article.
First of all, the author is expressed through direct description of the admiration of the sages. If the article fifth The eighth paragraph,
directly praised the contribution of Yuelu Academy.
Second, the authors also expressed by referring to allusions to the admiration of the sages. If in the first paragraph reference will talk about College and to the scholars who study and write a song hymn sincerely!
dash million cases
mm stream to talk about the great masters of the heart alone: both Lenovo rich golden thoughts are connected, and acting freely, Form Loose together, reflect the number of dash and the characteristics of the flux return. mainly in:
First Lenovo rich. of a close to the Yuelu Academy, wanted to think of those pioneers, and then thought about the Wang Fu-chih, Wei Yuan, Zeng and other people from the Academy out of the thought of Thousand Years, Vision thousands of miles, greatly enriched the content of the article, and deepen the theme of the article.
Second Form Loose Poly. article Although many of the historical figures involved, the content writes a lot, there are excursions to study , there are hiking exchanges, senior officials have refused to do all the Yuelu hh but College as the focal point to the author read were Yuelu Academy sincere admiration and praise on the main line Yuelu Academy organization together. article, whether is a narrative, argumentative, or lyrical, but also all around the main line to start.
not carefully conceived, no matter how good the material is also not a pretty house built. This is so beautiful, are reaping the benefits of the ingenious idea of the above .
five, classroom exercises
students to read vagina
side that lifted the window curtain Ru
to see the rising red sun, can spread it to the glory of colorful on the lake yet? However, the lake showed a lead in a Lengqing Qing color, heavy clouds sky . Does travel have to be wind and rain today to block What?
long time since the  on the painting. I want to see Xianheng hotel, Tugu Ci, would like to see Xianglinsao let the little basket in that fog river hh dark age, where Mr. Lu Xun began to sharpen his blade, control it for life cuts through the darkness, revealing the dawn. Today, I decided to wear a sword to go pay tribute to the Holy Land.
gently lapping water, such as share my commitment to the skies showing no alternative but to my color. seven o'clock we under the bus to go from the North Mountain. then gradually scattered clouds, the wind blowing the aromatic bay, the sun came out from the thin cloud behind the transmission, such as gauze gently down, like love, enveloped the earth.
car A turn to the Qiantang River Bridge will be, I saw tall Pagoda of Six Harmonies, Kui-Ran sitting in lush hills of trees, burdened with mountains and sky, the white water under the temporary boundless, weather is magnificent.
in Qiantang River Bridge has two towers, the underlying taking the train, take the car top, so that the same as the high-rise bridge. the same bridge, overlooking the river, like a chic wide belt, from the west under the mountains, a write- come, the more flow the more wide, east happy death, the eyes can see the end, water and clouds are fused into a chaos.
the magnificent mountains and my heart is thinking of a giant image, but also together.
vehicles in the Mercedes-Benz, the wind in the laughter, will mature late, and fell down on the land of the entire film. far from the many piles, the endless mountains, green hills like a transparent crystal, can be not so quiet , our car is running and mountains like the follow the race with a V; Xiaoshan, River Bridge, just fell to the present, but far retreated to the back of the car.
noon to Shaoxing City.
us walk in the old bluestone-paved streets, the mood is so serious and joy, his eyes looking around, everywhere, like a vivid stories of people in traction.
a glorious expanse reflects the sun. The new station entrance door surrounded by a group of Young Pioneers. they see new customers, in turn surrounded by over, pull the sleeves pull guests and pet guests scarf, intimate conversation, and the first to essentials Road. I am with a crowd in these children the black door.
This is a plain old house, no Empty http, but, this square table, this table, a chair that all the window told us many stories, is in the house , the son of Lu Xun and farmers formed young friends; share in his father's illness in the mother's sorrow; from here he met the feudal society of deception and sinister; be an insult to the injury is exactly what some people! Seventeen-year-old When, in a windy rainy morning, with a little simple luggage, said goodbye a mother, out of this black door, headed for his life long battle.
Herbs are fragrant grass of the backyard garden. This is the young Lu Xun Park. kids running in the park, laughing, looking there, as well as the human form can be the same as Polygonum? they around the pavilion side, looked up, looked at the statue; the children's faces like the sun shining the early opening of the lilies, bright eyes, like stars, lit the light of infinite love cordial.
a winding picturesque stone bridge and the children lead me to Sanweishuwu. his study of the furnishings , just as Mr. Lu Xun .
Today, our children, with bright classrooms, with large areas of grass, and sand-paved course. they have freedom of space. I thought. suddenly appear in a brain Warriors of the statue:
inherited the burden of carrying, shoulder live gate of darkness, put them into a large bright place.
I stroked the side of a child's hair, give birth to the hearts of spontaneously affectionate gratitude.
I was quietly thinking it over a little stretched out, and one, and one. the original hour is late, they go back to the whole team. We shook hands warmly, saying: we have to meet.
back On the way, we let the car slowly opened the line in the river. In the quiet dusk, the light of the river, the slide with a Wu Pengchuan. stern sat a peasant, wearing a felt hat, a paddling rhythm root big paddle. the bank, sometimes rice, sometimes it is driving a red flower, yellow flower of the grass,cheap UGG boots, the grass, a group of shepherds in cattle, Cattle as flat as a piece of stone, between the boy climbed up and down from the horn, to tame a cow worth of tenderness.
I do not know, that is the famous mountain vagina?
Mr. Lu a Cross-strait edge tallow, new bluegrass, wild flowers, chickens, dogs, the trees and dead trees, huts, towers, Buddhist Temple, farmers and village women, Cunnv, basking in the clothes, monk, PC World, day, clouds, bamboo hh are the reflection in the clear blue river, with the playing of each paddle, Calvary entrainment flickering sunlight, algae and fish in the water of the Ping, with the waves. hh those I have been the river, are so.
Life was supposed to be so peaceful, beautiful and bright, Lu Xun said, that even a dream, it was broken!
Today, thirty years ago, Lu Xun in the twilight to see the  flying and moving   points)
20. Choose from the following topics, write 300 word articles on Love. (16 points)
(1) Analysis, 2) Analysis, Changsha, Hunan University and then travel to the school gate, I asked the taxi stopped; obviously know there are some distance away from the Yuelu Academy, but chose to walk. As a reader, I am afraid I can only in this way, Yuelu Academy to express respect. far to see the hillside garden, I subconsciously think of those old pioneers, they take what transport, with what kind of mood, they go to this hidden in the mountains of the institution is to take As for the ox-cart or riding impoverished background, hiking comes along, may have to personally pick the dress code books and bedding roll the pole of Zhu Xi said all the way from Fujian Song Sung to the lecture, people came from all directions countless lectures, horses outside the gate to have drunk water in the pond, leaving a , is bright Really, you or a combination of fame? the most obscure and most accurate to say, it should be a dream. is a dream to attract them, but beyond the mundane from the secular. Yuelu Academy, a dream combination of a scholar place.
when I wake Yuelu Academy door, as much as possible to imagine that he is a thousand years ago scholars. At this time, perhaps the only book they enter the Yuelu Academy is thus a stepping stone to achieve their own dreams. also Only books, get them to Buzhi Yu was buried Red Dust. So, they used the book, the ascent of a grade level ahead: to study, exam, in the move, while the Yuelu hh Going to College, which is very critical Inn . For a thousand years, from here through Wang Fu-chih, Wei Yuan, Zeng, Zuo, Guo, Tan, Liang, xian, Cai E, Chen Tianhua hh them directly from here into the history books.
Yes ah, Yuelu Rise and Fall of the College of the Millennium, is undoubtedly the result of historical change. But the great Yuelu Academy is: cultivate the talent he has changed history more or less.
the sake of the light rain, when I visited the Yuelu Academy, visitors also very rare. empty courtyard filled with a touch of mist. In order not to undermine the peace of ancient times, and I subconsciously crept, which is more like sleepwalking. of course, can say that I involuntarily into the Yuelu Academy was not yet fully waking dream.
I choose a stone table in the back garden stone bench to sit down, watching the surrounding landscape, and fell into reverie disorder: Several years ago, there must be another wave and another wave of scholars in this sat on a stone bench, or by their recitation of the history books, or the high-spirited to talk about family, state and world affairs hh So I not only heard the wind, the rain, but also heard the sound of school looming. If this is hearing voices,UGG boots cheap, the most true auditory hallucinations. read sound, there is no doubt the main theme of Yuelu Academy. Moreover, the sound Yuelu Academy of study, more than just the individual voice, but a collective, over time, the common issue. They the use of sound to justify their existence, a harbinger of their value.
here, I heard from the floral to the scholarly, from the sound of wind in the school heard. I am immersed in it as much as possible looking elsewhere than the refined atmosphere , the breathing of people who left school in the air. I kept thinking, their presence seemed to have emerged in the air. Even if a person is sitting, and I seem not alone. those distant reader, not far from me . their ideals, beliefs, maybe you are genetic in my body. Maybe I was in their shadow. Otherwise, I thought with the mind, why they are so similar with the Ancient scholars thought
ago, mind always on Zhiyi so. He is not repeated in the trial, was rejected by the reality, only refused to reality in the castle in the air in the dreams, Fanglangxinghai to compensate for the loss of mental or hide.
Yuelu Academy, however, I saw another school and the reality step of reading people. They Polygala mind, confident, treat yourself and treat the community are very clear from the start to hold associate the . They are the darling of the imperial examination system, showing the foot of a Strip.
I can not tell what she is more intellectual appreciation: a positive or negative is in Yuelu Academy, or
Pu as reader, and is not enter Yuelu Academy. but I think scholars are essentially afraid of loneliness, Pa Jimo's, but not patient alone, content with solitude. their bones are eager to communicate, the pursuit of successful, because they can not achieve, it turned to the pursuit of detached free, or hermit or wandering. The Yuelu Academy, is a scholar in this to break the lonely, forgotten lonely place, or was an old scholar club. they can exchange , learn, debate, feeling the atmosphere and the strength of the collective.
should be said, reading With all the people are the ideal, the ideal can not be achieved, will the pain and loss. The College is not only sensitive to the fragile minds of these to find new home, but also to provide them with a shortcut to achieving the ideal of life. power.
from Tang and Song Dynasty, Yue Lu Mountain College Dean are called long. this romantic title, so that means the College with the mountains. Northern Song Dynasty, Yue Lu Mountain College on long weekends because of the time while the well-type scholarship reputation far and near, Shinshu specially summoned the emperor of Zhou, thanks to the main book for the Imperial College, to teach him to stay in the capital, an official; and free speech of Zhou Jian, bent back Yuelushan hh together with the students he is really a very pure Mr. teaching.
Yuelu Academy in the Baiquan Xuan, who had also recorded the friendship between the two universities. Southern roads for three years (1167 and should Yuelu kind from the nearby Bishop Zhang, Zhu Xi from afar, two in Baiquan Hin in morning till evening, Cuxitanxin up to three days and nights. They talk about specific topics, most people have been unknown, but certainly things are all aspects of scholarship. that spent two months in Changsha, Zhu Xi and Zhang Yuelu speaking, attracted more than a thousand listeners came from all over the country, even the lecture hall out on the grounds are full of people. since the middle of the lecture hall of about l meter high rectangular platform, also houses the two empty chair, as the famous Where is the voice of their reading or debate, once again turned into the wind and rain outside the window. Oh, great auditorium, small world! those who look similar, and looked focused study, perhaps only a shadow world, but they never Yuelu Academy is in the master.
as a contemporary scholar, although I was the first time to visit the Yuelu Academy, still feel at home. Yes, here is the reader's home ah. No family scholars alone.

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