Monday, January 17, 2011

Audit of public bribery and abuse of power Butang Ruoxin case situation of 28 cases

 Audit issued 17 audit No. 2 of 2011 results announcement, the Audit Commission are transferred to the public the end of 2010, 28 cases have gone through the situation.

these 28 cases are:

First, China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation if the former general manager of Xin Tang bribery and abuse of power case ;

Second, the Shanghai Golden Source International Trade Development Co., Ltd. Legal Representative, who leap week the case of obtaining credit;

Third, China Eastern Airlines Operations Control Centre, the former general manager Shi Guofeng, who occupied positions, and the case of misappropriation of funds;

four, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, Mr Kwong family Piandai case;

five, Liaoning Chi Tat Group Chairman Zhao Baojie loan fraud case;

June, the Shanghai Beijing Sea Engineering, general manager Wang Meizhen, who owned assets, unit bribery case;

seven, private enterprises, chairman Zhang Jiahong job occupation liberal case;

Pat, Datong in Shanxi Province City center computer administrator check Haitao guaranteeing the corruption case;

September, the housing provident fund management center in Ningxia Yinchuan Liu Huiping, former director of embezzlement and bribery case and others;

X. Machinery Co., Ltd. Henan rivers of gold management of urban subsistence allowances guaranteeing funds embezzlement case of Fan-column;

XI, China Postal Savings Bank Co., Ltd. Shandong branch in Changqing District of Jinan General teller Liu Hongfu misappropriation of urban low gold case;

; second, Changchun, Jilin Province Economic Development Zone, the net net on the street on the Office of Community Residents Committee secretary of the Pioneer Tai Hung Lin et al bribery and corruption case;

ten Third, the Ningxia Yinchuan housing provident fund management center, former director of plums straight sub-centers over embezzlement case;

fourth, Jurong City, Jiangsu Province, the former head of the farm Zhang Yalei parties such as Camellia Field people bribery case;

fifth, four-Chuan Yaxi Expressway Co., Ltd. Representative Office is responsible for the original asbestos Liu bribery case;

; sixteen, Shanghai Jiangnan Shipbuilding Group real estate development and management company had financial manager Zhao Lei embezzlement case;

seventh, Jing'an District, Shanghai Education Bureau School Infrastructure production management station owners, branch secretary of Housing soldier bribery case;

eighth, Yongdeng county of Gansu Province Water Improvement Project Office of Rural Health, former director of Drosophila GENES corruption case;

nineteenth, former party secretary of Hunan Province Huang Hunan Zixing, who abuses and bribery case;

twenty, Heilongjiang Province former president of Light Industry Technical School Tie Nan Yan et al corruption case;

the twenty-first, Anhui Huaibei City Center, former director of the housing loan guarantee and others Zhou Xiande embezzlement case;
< br> XXII Office of State Council Three Gorges Project Construction Committee Office of Migration Management Consulting Center corruption case, former deputy director Guo Shoubiao;

xxiii, Yibin County, Sichuan Province, the Agricultural Bank of China branch account manager Gao Yong bribery case;

round, the original town of Gansu Wen County Mayor Li Ting Tak whole problem of diversion of reconstruction funds;

XXV, Zhouqu County, Gannan Prefecture of Gansu Province Han Ban Yang Enmao township party secretary of homeland, who withhold or embezzle funds for reconstruction problems;

XXVI, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Branch Wuhai violations on behalf of the IRS under a VAT invoice for the problem;

XXVII, Hainan, Qinghai Province, with the state De cash in the county participate in a number of government departments, misappropriation of special funds for central and local fiscal problems;

xxviii, private enterprises Sunningdale Power Dengfeng occupation of basic farmland issues.

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