Thursday, March 31, 2011

The most important moment of love !

 You know what you love, what is most needed moment of it?

even if this problem can not answer you, I am afraid you have not received so far to meet true love, always vaguely uneasy, that love may leave at any time - this is a very simple truth, When you know you want to eat apples, it will ask around: Even if someone gives you apples, you still feel there may be better than the apple fruit, you may want to try the pear or orange ... ...

This is love without a sense of security, and the

need is the foundation of all love, self-evident that people can understand love.

between the sexes, the most easily misunderstood, but also each other's needs.

men always feel that I support the family, pay for dinner, holiday flowers, or I do not know how to meet women?

women will always feel that I do cattle and horses, washing and cooking, wife, mother, how a man or not grateful?

In fact, we are not doing enough, but we did not make the point. Done a lot, but did not meet each other most in need of the moment.

men need to know the woman most in need of the moment: a man embracing her from behind, gently talk to her, to listen to her - no more than 15 minutes a day, enough. Then the man and man can drink, you can enjoy playing games, you can not talk all night. Women do not have opinions, and even a gentle and quiet sitting on the side accompanied ... ...

because the woman is the man most in need of attention, and their way of care concern, is conversation and understanding. Men are willing to stop their own thing, hugging and talking, to give a woman's greatest satisfaction. Because women are the type words After a woman feel love, what will be willing to do.

Similarly, women need to know, a man most in need of the moment: that touch their heads, and said: mother would Momo Tou said:

men need most is a woman to respect their space, trust them, give them the freedom to be alone. Because of the men, obtain the trust only has a sense of security. Women often think of the control to get the love, do not know, it just hurt the man most in need of the moment, men like the kite, put, can never belong to you.

you may wish to try those.

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