Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Financial advice for young people

 For young people just entering society, the idea a lot, the Metropolitan for their future to make some plans, the lack of finance is not a part of them; whether the future life or career, have the necessary income for their some planning. young, bright future, these factors make young people's financial reasons for radical enough, after all, the ability of young people to take risks more!
soon as inexperienced, although the risk ability, But I still think that young people should use its own funds-based financial management. with its own funds wealth management, small numbers, no significant financial effects of natural, but for young people, is a rare experience accumulation process! particular to take a more aggressive fiscal management of young people, in the financial management in the process of large losses that may occur, if only its own funds, the losses in their own range of affordable, does not affect the future life and career; if fiscal expansion the parents of funds, it will affect the family's quality of life. In the relatively small, the risk may take the case, and have actually conducive to the accumulation of operating experience and the formation of its own operating system, repeated the experiment with a small capital, dive center down and sum up, are at this stage can take advantage of and use of the advantages of.
looking people all over the country experience a number of successful investment presentation, will be noted that these investors of small funds have continued more or less big experience;, of course, also saw some good results in their own operations on behalf of others, financial circumstances, there huge loss, and finally repeated striving hard, eventually turning over the case. which gives the number of how many chances, that can always fiddle fruition, but in fact, we only see very few successful samples, only a very few winners, most of the samples of the final result is sink. market experience tells us that get involved and if no long-term accumulation of If there is no scientific and systematic approach, occasional success does not mean a stable profit, too lucky but easily lead to loss of profit. If this time people go to financial management on behalf of, a loss is dramatically magnified. in the end of 2001 Quotes , the market master of many financing agency because there were security at the end of the commitment (that other funds are not loss or below a certain percentage of income), the face of systemic losses in a bear market, had to make their own for many years earnings subsidies each other in the struggle had to start again after years, more rivers and lakes caused a lot of right and wrong, the story of grievances. the so-called fearless, is the vitality of young people. But the market is a cold place, excessive vigor may not be conducive to investment, only the formation of awe on the market, investment gains and losses being slowly it possible to form a stable profit.
are created for each wave bull market shares many of the gods, but each wave down in turn the various the washing back to the original state. Therefore, on the one hand that the young generation not to rush to finance, on the one hand young people, should not be instant success in the ring with personal funds given to the others lightly. If someone is successful investors in the market, CBBC city needs at least a few tests before they can be convinced, not just parroting.
Finally, my advice for young people is, on the one hand for the index of regular investment, on the one hand continue to observe, study the stock market, may well be a The path into the market. has been set for the index of investment, financial management can be described as a shortcut for a young man, able to share up to bring the overall index return. Sometimes, passive or active, or even better than active.

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