Monday, February 14, 2011

Evaluating the true word of mouth Mask Winter

 Lange first love is sought after because of mad Lange by users sleepy mask. Moisturize the ability to super disposable bed directly --- I think the most suitable for dry skin like me, have a lazy MM   ~ lucky ~ follow the trend has given me surprises after they became Lange ~ ~   ~ ~ especially the followers of Mask. Then he tried the upgraded Lange Snow Storm sleep mask, but still love the old models.
take today to the LANEIGE Huan Lange snowmelt energy surface film, the essence of this series is very easy to use ~ ~ Mask naturally can not miss the chance to try. the snow melt series, most salient points are: the Himalayan snow melt water ice. It soothing, anti-inflammatory, and strengthen the skin's own immune system, strong water energy instantly moisturize thirsty skin.
mask texture:
mask the fit:
design is more special, is divided into upper and lower two type, synthetic one. should be based on the fit better. In fact this design is also very user-friendly, allowing the nose part is also a perfect fit. the mask no air bubbles.
Essence absorption:
In the back of the hand on the smear products, the same amount of paste applied a thin layer of liquid sheet is dipped into the same amount of spreadable. two minutes later with oil-absorbing paper press in the appropriate position, the less residue, indicating more absorption good. Lange absorption of good money, only a small amount of residue.
a professional water test measured each subject's skin before using the water level mask. are in the cheekbones take place under the subjects position, after which the position will be re-used to obtain data for comparison. The more that data to improve pay better.
immediate moisturizing effect: Mask deposited according to the instruction after the specified time, pat to absorb the essence of his face no residual liquid. immediately with water water level measured at this time. with the use of comparison between the data, the greater the difference the better the effect that even if the moisture.
long-lasting moisturizing effect: After each subject using the mask for two hours after the water meter test again with the same location of the skin moisture content, has just finished using the comprehensive comparison of the data, the data difference between the smaller, long-lasting moisturizing effect that the better product.
look at the data! performance is not bad at it! the net through the skin after use is smooth, full of water surplus.
how to apply Mask, Moisturizing effect will be doubled? simple four strokes, so you see double moisturizing effect. < br> First step: Cleansing
before using the mask is best to use the Cleansing Milk, Face to face clean. This will not only avoid dirt clogging the pores, but also full of nutrients to be on the mask absorption.
Step two: the second clean, convergence Toner
cleansing, make-up water can be painted in order to balance the skin's pH, while the secondary has played the role of cleaning.
s three steps: Exfoliate, massage
this step is mainly directed against certain brands will use the mask before the match Scrub, massage oil program, the purpose is to remove the old skin of impurities and waste cells and promote skin regeneration and increase skin flexibility. If there are no special needs, do not do can be omitted.
Step Four:
deposited film deposited with a cotton-type mask in time, should start with the beginning part of the eye, gently put it on face , between the skin and the mask does not leave any air bubbles. deposited mask can be removed after about 15 minutes to make-up water or warm water Shi Jing. If your skin type, you can apply more than 5-10 minutes, but try not to exceed 30 minutes.
class if a gel cream moisturizing mask, will have to face, washed his face with a towel or tissue paper to dry the water dip, and then out of the palm on the amount of mask, the mask evenly coated in the face.
severe dry in parts, such as the cheeks, chin, etc., can mask the use of Cadogan point. 10-15 minutes Put the mask of moisturizing ingredients to fully penetrate, the wash with warm water.
skin moisturizing is the eternal theme, and mask is the best skin care aid. So how to pay to maximize the effectiveness of mask is an important lesson.

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