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Measured with both feet to Macau, with ears to listen to stories

 Measured with both feet to Macau, with ears to listen to stories, 用心去感受 change
Time flies, stroke, the return of Macao is already ten years.
Ten years ago, talking about Macau, with only faint vague impression of the casino, a look of innocent little girl singing become a student, the Chief Executive general hh quietly changing all the time.
you want to know Macau fifth day of October was the busiest street? you know that Macau is also a buy their own homes? immigrated to Macao people's lives like? Macanese after the return of the mentality of how experienced? Macao's cultural heritage have? Mazu Culture What kind of meaning now? casino codes in the Aberdeen and Diego hh what a group would like to know the answer to all this, let us re-visit, swimming in the gaps in time, with both feet to measure Macau, with ears to listen to the story, 用心去感受 change.
first stop: Ruins of St. Paul
Ruins of the symbolism in Macau, the same as the Forbidden City, Great Wall, the significance of Beijing. without climbing the Great Wall of non-hero. to Macao, under the Ruins of visits not equal never.
Ruins of St. Paul (Ruins of St.Paul), was completed in 1580 St. Paul's Cathedral, anterior, and the blend of the European Renaissance style of architecture from the East, reflecting a blend of Eastern and Western art. fine carving, majestic and impressive. after the 1595 and 1601 fire burned twice. church built by the third Italian Jesuit priest 士斯皮诺拉 design, and in 1602 the foundation, built in 1635, lasted 35 years , the Far East was the largest Catholic church of stone. after the tragic fire in 1835 destroyed again, leaving only the front of the church's 68 stone steps and into the anterior wall of granite, because its name looks like the arch in ancient China.
Church on a variety of lifelike statues, both retain the traditional, more innovative; not only shows the European architectural style, but also inherited the tradition of oriental culture, which embodies the characteristics of combining Chinese and Western cultures, called famous stone religious structures. (Source: Baidu Encyclopedia)
up the stairs, stood looking down on the arch, half the panoramic view of Macau is no wonder that the Station: October Fifth Street
you remember 10 years ago, then sprinkle the street in October, the fifth day of the moon it? Johnson Aunt Sha lingering charm, good-hearted but the text can not be made early oral brother and helpful Jun good, quiet demeanor Stuart Morrison, from the less grew up in the casino in this year Kim Seung hh old and fairly representative of the occurrence of the moving story of the streets of Macau, and then look back, people have changed.
I believe that if it is not the name of the Department of TVB drama in a sense a fusion of culture between China and Portugal.
October Meng Street Fifth Street, formerly known as Si, this name has been demolished from the Si Meng Pier .1910 on October 5, Portugal, a revolution uprising to overthrow the monarchy established Republic, the Macanese government to commemorate this event later, a boom in Macau selected for naming streets, selected Si Meng Street, will be the fifth day of street name change in October, and October 5 each year as the Macau public holidays . where the five streets in the vicinity of North Bay and a hundred years ago originally shallow bays, winding paths, and later became land by reclamation, only to straighten the channel and construction of passenger terminals at the shore, while the terminals are mostly office, ticket office set in one , tense moment, when passenger and freight transport, will become very crowded. Inner Harbor marine traffic outside the former is the hub of Macau, the Mainland, Hong Kong and outlying islands will focus on passenger and cargo ships where the land is also the fishing boats at anchor, and thus boost the Fifth Street's economic development in October, so October Fifth Street, became one of Macau's busiest street.
1996, the Macao Republic of China, a traditional Cantonese restaurant last lost crown the restaurant relocated to the prefect man to crown the road and men Villa Gourmet economic downturn when the late .1990, plus the two were located in the Inner Harbour Casino have to move out of the busy street level of the fifth day in October from the past, and stalls substantially reduced, to the early 21st century when only a dozen files, recreation hall workers were also demolished, the streets are still more than a number of souvenir shops and specialty stores. the relevant authorities in order to revitalize the street, in 2002, sixteen pump development program to implement and organize a wide range of activities, including the 2007 The A vocabulary of thought does not occur but jumped into the ears mm householders. Macau Square, the fourth location for the Green Island Government commons, plans to build 500 units in the affordable housing, the original plan by the end of May 2009 to complete removal. can be until 8 the end of a family surnamed Liang refused to move out of their emotionally said: If the Government clearance, the family moved to the Housing Bureau will be the size of the door to live. is known as the Macao people to coordinate the case failed, the Government is still out and the demolition of the implementation of a mandatory program.
Now comes the nail households, not only will ask the price of Macao. And this, a new term also implicated mm investors.
order to support the weak property market of Macau, the Macau Government in 1995 introduced the Capital Investment Entrant Scheme, provides the conditions for investment immigration Macau is an investment in the funds must be invested in Macau's property or other real estate, investment minimum of 400 million patacas, far from ideal as the market reaction, so that the lower limit was soon raised to 2 million patacas .2000, then the Macao authorities to reduce investment immigrants admission to one million patacas .2005, also provides that in addition to purchase value is not less than one million patacas of the property, the must in Macau less than 500,000 patacas with bank deposits, and must have college or equivalent post-secondary education. Macao data show that from 2000 to the present, a total of Macau the weak property market have been injected over 10 billion patacas of funds, so that nearly 3 million immigrants to Macau. Because of the surge in demand for real estate, making all the way to drive up property prices soaring Macau. (Source:)
one side are residents buy their own disappointed, while a large number of investors eager to Macau property market, half water half the flame. Although the former Chief Executive Edmund Ho Hau Wah announced in April 2007 to stay closed for real applications, but the appointment scheduled to stop until November 2008, 2007 and 2008 received a total of 4610 applications, the number of approved cases and for the 3281 and 8924, respectively, of people; the first half of 2009, no new applications, but the number of approved cases and compared with 1185 and 3263 people. can see the policy Many of Macao public servants, teachers, gaming operators have already only to apply for the economy as housing, will certainly further exacerbate the demand for public housing, forming a vicious cycle. Recently, there are real business requires restart residence policy. The Government should end as soon as possible, residence policy. as long as the day is not a permanent termination of the policy, the industry will continue to wait and see attitude, no hope of lower prices do. (Source:)
In addition, not every successful business migrants who can create a new life in Macau . According to the Macao Daily News reported that two long-separated couple of new immigrants, suddenly re-live with each other's living habits, thinking and behavior are needed to re-run, adjustment; for their children away for the future of investment immigrants who, in the Mainland live a who continue to increase, but the social system and way of life of Macau and the Mainland are different, who first arrived in the new Macau, Macao, it is easy because of differences between the two, resulting in a variety of life and work of adaptation, in which the economy , employment, housing as the main problem, some people only by a large family, the husband of a man living. (Source:)
, of course, like Hong Kong and Macao can also be skilled migrants. known as the Great scholar, Macao to apply for emigration.
is ended investment immigration issues, 08 years of financial crisis, the clouds are dissipating .09 on April 16, Edmund Ho Hau Wah, said in reply to the questions, considering the Government's revenue last year, The global financial crisis and the problems and aspirations of the future without increasing pressure on government finances under the principle of this non-permanent residents each paid thousand six hundred dollars. distributed to all Australian permanent residents of five hundred vouchers per person, the coupon can be used in the private sector in order to divert the waiting Macau pressure of public medical institutions. To implement the above two schemes, the Macao SAR Government will spend over three billion of funds. Macau first implemented in July last year, cash-sharing plan, each issued to permanent residents of five thousand yuan in cash, non-permanent residents each three thousand yuan in cash , and the payment more than 2.5 billion patacas. recently released increased, agree that the ability of the financial crisis.
In addition, for the tenth anniversary of Macao's return to the special satisfaction survey, residents believe that the Government return to a decade's most successful aspects of governance, including improving the economic situation, the development of tourism, improve the living, the world's cultural heritage, maintaining the overall stability and security and stability of Macao and so on. (Source:)
third leg:
Ma Kok Temple, Macau as a city of immigrants, the Portuguese colonial rule, a hundred years, Many people have the the right to speak, in fact, looking for cultural self-identity, defuse the Based on sovereignty issues and other reasons, academic views have been suggestions only, and not the government's actions. reunification, this renewed attention, Portugal on behalf of the Joint Liaison Group Portugal declared Macau to the Chinese side, Guide from Ma Temple, Guia Lighthouse north to the 12 buildings, Cultural Affairs Bureau of the SAR Government after consultation with expert advice on selected World Heritage area, not including the square space and later joined other historic buildings, wider scope than ; Historic Centre of Macao City on July 15, the World Heritage Committee in Durban, South Africa (Durban) meeting, south, is the point of historic buildings, old streets as lines composed of a historic district, to reside in Macao after the Portuguese first stay in Macau region, four hundred years of Chinese and Western culture embodied in the ancient town of exchange collision results. List St. Joseph's Seminary and Church, Dom Pedro V Theatre, Ho Tung Library, St. Augustine Church, Civic and Municipal Affairs Building, Third Street House (temple), Holy House of Mercy House, Hall (Cathedral), Lu large house, the Rosary Church, Ruins of St. Paul, Na Tcha Temple, Old City Walls, Mount Fortress, St. Anthony's Church, Casa, Christian Cemetery, Guia Fortress (including Guia Lighthouse and the Virgin Guia Church) and other 25 buildings and Ma Temple, the Lilau, the Dom Pedro V before, the Senado Square, the former lobby, the plates break and camphor, the Jesuit Memorial Plaza, pigeons nest to other eight square before. ()
Here we briefly outline the Ma Temple. According to legend, four hundred years ago, the Portuguese landed Macau, landed in the temple in front of the beach. ask here is where the local population, residents thought it was a question Ma Temple, it replied: Temple, the three ancient temples in Macau (Ma Temple, Kwun Tong, Lin Fong Temple) in the oldest. Hongzhi Ma Temple in early Ming Dynasty (1488), dating back over five hundred years of history. formerly known as Ma Temple, commonly known as Tin Hau Temple, located in Macao, south-east, coastal mountains pillow, leaning cliff, built around ancient trees, beautiful scenery. The main building has the main hall, Hong Ren Temple, Guanyin Pavilion and other hall. Daoist temple the main deity Nv Matsu, also known as Tin Hau, Goddess Goddess, known as its good and bad can be predicted, often at sea to help merchants and fishermen saved the day, worries and difficulties, then negotiate with the local Fujianese up the temple enshrined in the present site. < br> Ma Temple usually not be extinguished, an annual Lunar New Year's Eve and Lunar New Year on March 23 programs add to the fun and colorful, this time on the Zi Yan Ma Temple filled with one of peace, this is one of the famous Macau cross-strait trade and transport symbol of peace, a reunification of the motherland, the goddess of peace between the two sides to communicate. Mazu belief in the role of this function will continue until the complete reunification of the motherland.
fourth leg: Taipa Museum < br> Macao by the Macao Peninsula, Taipa Island and Coloane and Cotai four-part, our next stop is the Museum of Taipa. Why should we only pick domestic museums, because this is Macanese mm home.
After the mixed offspring born in Macau, mainly descendants of Portuguese and Chinese born. can be said to really interpret past and present of Macau, there is nothing to understand Macanese a more direct and more efficient. because the Macanese people Opening of Macao, the product of more than 400 years of history, living history of Macao. Macanese Macao famous poet once wrote a poem Lok Lee, a very vivid picture of Health and Portugal were unearthed cultural diversity in this group there is blood and the strange way: ; heart is the heart and soul is the soul of Portugal, a long nose with the Western Health and oriental beard, both on the church, but also into the temple known. This restaurant is named by the completion of four sisters joined hands to open. Interestingly, the four sisters had been elected Miss Macau for four consecutive years, it is probably also unique in the world right.
four sisters surnamed Bi was born in Macau Portuguese local residents, who the family has lived for generations in Macao. They belong to a particular ethnic group - Macanese.
the Macanese people, eighty percent or more of the people containing different proportions of Huaren origin, there is descent with Huaren has four or five generations. they comply with the daily life of Chinese customs, such as eating with chopsticks, entertainment, play mahjong, and even named by the Chinese people have first and last names. ()
in Macau Macanese easy to find the ideal in the government sector, and better-paying jobs. Over the years, Macanese, together with the people of Macao, Macao's construction and development to make a positive contribution.
this particular historical environment as a special group, the face of the return of the situation, they also had doubts, there have been a loss. They are the Chinese? the Portuguese it? seems difficult to categorize.
However, the Government of China and Portugal are on special consideration of Macanese, has reached a consensus on this issue. 1987 the Government of China and Portugal on the Question of Macao signed the Macao Special Administrative Region Basic Law, , the protection of legitimate interests, customs and cultural traditions of respect for the other issues have been clearly .2005, should be invited to the State Council Hong Kong and Macao, 17 from Macau Macanese community delegation of eminent persons on the mainland to visit .2009 year, Vice President Xi Jinping visited the house during the Museum of Macau, and with the local commonly known as Russo-year-old Macanese. If the heat, the handover of Macao society is just like his multi-language support can sing the same song the band is very diverse, a variety of people and cultures can live in harmony. Macau, where hh is what people have, there is no discrimination. he, or a famous Macanese Macao Orchestra Most of the time had reached 30. If the heat is still before the handover when the police when they took over the band's management, both the composition now includes eight members of the band. This 8 members are basically amateurs, they all have their own careers, Some in the local post office or bank, and some in the Consulate General of Portugal in Macao office.
as an amateur nature of the exercise band and not have their own place, but every week to borrow a venue to practice the Native Association. According to Macau Government Tourist Bureau, many visitors came to Macau to have named the band to perform if the heat, the band so I can get some income, used to maintain operating expenses.
Jorge said that since Macao is a pluralistic society, to people from various cultural backgrounds have different tastes, so the band's performance is also more diversified, in addition to singing their own songs Lusophone native creation, but also singing and Puwen Cantonese, English, Thai, Filipino, Japanese and even songs. < br> particular native Lusophone, this is not too many people use the Portuguese dialect, which a mixture of Portuguese, Malay, Cantonese, English and other words, in the past has been the common language of Macanese, but now was replaced by the basic Cantonese and Puwen. Many Macanese new generation do not even know the existence of this dialect.
in this year's Macau Grand Prix during the local television station broadcast his native Lusophone original songs, some Americans heard was curious to find if the hot, want to know what this song because this strange local dialect in their very special sound.
Jorge said outside the show in Macao, the band will be more songs to play native Lusophone, the performance characteristics of Macao's cultural diversity.
2008 年 1 month, held in the Macao SAR government's annual honors ceremony, wearing a red jacket, wearing a distinctive collar of if heat and several other band members, accepted the Chief Executive Edmund Ho Cultural Merit award. At that time, if the heat and his band as the only local show business and other local community groups and celebrities with Stanley Ho received the honors that they promotion of local arts and cultural efforts recognized by the SAR Government.
fact, return to the past 10 years, the SAR Government has been given a variety of ways Jorge and his band support to help them make more than published records, while Government Tourist Office also often help them to contact the Macau and performance opportunities in the field.
Jorge said the SAR Government Tourist Office arrangements, the band will be their next World Expo and Guangzhou Asian Games in Shanghai during the show, in more big stage to show the unique side of the Macau Cultural.
happy. are Chinese, but grew to accept Puwen education, and even the name is also full of foreign flavor to get up, he will become a member of the Macanese people.
Although many Macanese still can not read Chinese characters, but most of them can speaks fluent Cantonese or Mandarin. According to the text-based introduction to fly, the SAR now has about 10,000 much, but still in Macau Macanese formed many associations, some of which can be described as a long history, such as native Education Association had a hundred years of history. In contrast, the flight of Macau where the native text-based association is relatively young, only 13 years history, but there are more than 400 members. every day, members will gather at the Association's clubhouse meal and chat, enjoy the comfort of life in Macao.
Because we Macanese social and cultural aspects in Macao is still a more important role to play. The change, chose to leave Macao. flying paper-based before the handover have to buy a house in Portugal, taking into account immigration to the other side, but eventually could not bear to Macau this home, did not leave. He said that in Portugal, has purchased a house have not lived.
fact, return to 10 years, Macanese Macao Macau in recent years not only to share the fruits of economic development by leaps and bounds, but also in the community play an active role, such as of concern Ou Anli, he is not only the Macao Special Administrative Region Legislative Council, the CPPCC National Committee members also.
fly text-based, said: Others come back to work. Some people leave Macau for decades, has finally come back here. After all, Macau is a place where they were born, however, still a good back home. : Lisboa Hotel
wandering around for a long time, the final destination, of course, is known as the Hotel Lisboa. lisboa cage shape like the Chinese, but the top is French roulette style reflects the blend of Chinese and Western architecture. Of course, you can also choose to be completed in 2008 the new Hotel Lisboa, Lisboa up to 258 meters, the tallest building in Macau, shape like a lotus in full bloom, and built after the quite eye-catching.
before entering the casino, first introduced to the rules of the casino. As early as the beginning of legalized gambling, the Australian government to Portugal on the formulation of a decree prohibiting persons under 18 years of age to enter casino. If violated, a fine of 8,000 patacas each. Macau casinos can also provide a mobile phone, camera and dangerous items into. gamblers must be the same as the Airport The security facilities, each person must turn package, close inspection. This is because before the handover of Macau, law and order problems are more in casino robbery occurred a few back to make the provisions of the murder, has continued to this day. casinos in Macau, prohibit transmission or consumption of meals to prohibit transmission or consumption of alcoholic beverages. Violators will be fined 4,000 patacas. However, the Macau casino no requirement on the dress, do not wear shorts as long as you can enter, and, whether large casino or a small lounge, smoking is allowed. ()
Macau casino staff are local residents, after training certificates. former Chief Executive Edmund Ho has repeatedly said that the Government's policy is to protect the residents of Macau as a major premise of full employment in the gaming industry, therefore, not easily enter the field employees, especially the dealer (the casino licensing officer) positions. Now comes the ; Diego code earners source of work is to find gamblers to encourage gamblers to the casino gaming, so the casino gaming revenues increased, and derive their commission. Diego coding system as early as the establishment of STDM already exists, but not common. to the the mid-eighties, Macau casinos widely Shedu Office, in order to find more gamblers source, the important role of intermediaries highlighted the role, then, popular Diego coding system. Ho partner Ambrose So said: intermediaries on the Government's financial contribution is a great. % of income paid to an intermediary or Macao's br> For a long time, Macau earners ; edged sword, usury, a lot of triad involvement and other negative issues. If the strengthening legislation, clearly states that gamblers can only be referred to the legitimate rights and interests of loans and obligations, I believe these negative things that can be controlled. At present, the SAR legislature the right to open and develop with the gambling new gambling law is under consideration among intermediaries, it is learned, covering above-mentioned legal provisions related to gaming intermediaries.
Recently, with the booming tourism industry of Macau, the Lisboa Casino in Macau for the eleven casinos sign is rising, business is hot. casino staff as long as customers look to play a any gambling licenses, to know that he is big or small gamblers gamblers. playing slot machines in the lobby guests absolutely no big gamblers, more is the first time to the casino, or a small player; those who win or lose millions of dollars still face do not discoloration of the large gamblers, was invited to have VIP rooms, comfortable to play their favorite According to authoritative sources Casino, Macau casino gambling four-fifths of the income from these lobbyists. Because of these big spender line casino's entertainment places, there are also travel free transport, will also be a cash rebate or other gifts. hit big spender, element.
a casino, of course, must have a pawn shop. When the stores, all of them have maintained a hundred years old and looks to her unchangeable: a little pavement, the door hung a huge street, Hong Kong Crane. Macao's charge-off, of course, mostly gamblers, casino gambling all night, day and night service charge will shop. who gambled away cash and ticket gamblers carry ...

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