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Flowers as gifts

 In interpersonal exchanges, is considered to be the most popular gifts to taste and it elegant and refined, warm and romantic. Delicate flower gift to express through the feelings and aspirations, is indeed not a good mood, if you know some flowers etiquette and skills will be more right.

one, the feelings of flowers flowers

semantic semantics, is that people borrow some flowers to express emotions, wishes the implication, also known as florid.  1. Spent our semantics:

Anthurium: grand plans, great good fortune, heart to heart.

Rose: love.

Carnation: motherly love.

white palm: smooth sailing.

birds of paradise: couples in love Lu, chic passionate son.

Peony: wealth and good fortune, prosperity.

Phalaenopsis: I love you.

Chrysanthemum: quiet, noble and longevity.

aster: Zhuimu, long and short term.

Do not forget me: eternal love, kindness.

Iris: Messenger of good news, miss you.

Calla: love, pilgrim.

Gerbera: mystery, excitement, and perseverance.

Narcissus: elegance, Seiitsu, refined fragrance.

cuckoo: Yan gorgeous beauty, business is booming.

Cyclamen: innocence, welcome.

Wind Fairy: joy, love, passion secret meaning.

Antirrhinum majus: a symbol of prosperity, more than gold.

red snapdragon: great good fortune.

Golden Fish Grass: Full gold and silver.

Zijin Fish Grass: Rounds.

pink snapdragon: Elixir of Love.

hyacinth: a symbol of victory, joy, love, My Sweetie.

Huang Fengxin child: happy, happy.

Bai Fengxin child: can not show love.

pink hyacinth: admiration, romance.

red hyacinth: the love of my life.

anthurium: wedding, blessing, luck and happiness.

Alice: Good news, like you.

freesia: pure, happy, fresh and comfortable.

calla lilies: hope, majestic beauty.

calla lily: love, wealth, truth.

Gerbera: mystery, excitement, and perseverance.

gladiolus: heart, longevity, Fluke, Corning.

Sunflower: adoration, glory and loyalty.

Peony: wealth.

Dahlia: gorgeous, elegant.

stars: really love, care, pure

Christmas flower: Chrysanthemum bless

: pure, noble, star flower longevity

: Never change of heart

aster: recollected reliable love,UGG boots clearanc, please believe me.

birds of paradise: a partner in love.

cuckoo: Yan gorgeous beauty, business is booming.

Dendrobium: love, blessing, joy.

Dianthus: imaginative, fantasy.

Forget: kindness, eternal friendship.

tulips: Love's confession, sincere emotion.

red tulips: the voice of a formal courtship.

purple tulips: love never dies, love.

white tulip: pure friendship.

yellow tulip: noble, Cherish, an apology.

pink tulips: beauty, love.

Carnation: great, holy, kind, warm and motherly love.

Red Carnation: a fierce love, I wish the mother's health and longevity.

pink carnation: happy mother always beautiful, young.

yellow carnations: thanks for the grace of the mother. White Carnation: truth, purity (also the late mother of the meaning of mourning.)

Lily: He Hao years, success and blessings.

White Lily: innocent and pure.

fire lily: warm love.

Yellow Lily: noble, honor, victory.

Lily: wealth, wedding blessings.

2. Europe and the United States spent on semantics: (part of Europe and the United States florid)

Red Carnation: sad. Mint: Virtue.

Red Tulip: Declaration of love. Ye Putao: charity.

red chrysanthemum: I love. Jasmine: No solid.

flower tea: natural beauty. Wood Company: pity.

garlic cloves: read me.

white camellia: true find.

shiragiku: true.

white oak tree: independent.

black mulberry: a common destiny.

Lilac: first love.

cardamom: parting.

Osmanthus: Glory.

Olive: Peace.

Sakura: youth.

Paradise: doubts.

azaleas: moderation.

Lemon: love.

cockscomb: love.

Leaf Clove: belongs to me.

Peak: motherly love.

Narcissus: respect.

3. Friends

to plum flower metaphor: Kiyotomo Chrysanthemum: Best Friends

Gardenia: Zen Friends of Begonia flower: Name Friends

Lotus: Net Friends of the bloom flowers: Church Friends

Switzerland flowers: cannabis cafes special friends: Friends of

Osmanthus rhyme: Friends of the Orchid Fairy: Fang Friends

4. Metaphorical

with flowers flowers scenery of the merger of heaven and earth, of beauty, beauty of its flowers is known by God Yue bone, so can only travel in the unique flavor of every flower, and won in which elegance, such as the ancients said: Kingston are puzzle, lotus pond slowly, Tan Kwai fragrance Cave month, hibiscus trees and ice. For this reason, it will take to give people's feelings, which will give the flower scenery, it was: day twelve constellations, to Twelve flora.

Second, the flowers of the skills

1. New Year: Optional sent Dahlia, peony, daffodil, peach, auspicious fruits, kumquat, top red, Auspicious fruits that auspicious.

2. congratulations opening: Optional red rose, peony, poinsettia, etc., that opened their doors, business is booming.

3. to visit his parents: optional Gladiolus, carnations, lilies, chrysanthemums and baby's breath, blue or after insertion into a bouquet of flowers, I wish the parents well, and a century and happiness.

4. to visit patients: optional, peaceful and elegant calla lily, plain dark green orchid, gladiolus, carnation greetings and wishes for a speedy recovery.

5. Farewell Friends: gift bouquet of peony flowers, said the parting of the situation.

6. greet friends and relatives: optional wisteria, rose, calla lily bouquets that formed hospitality.

7. Happy birthday elders: Longevity optional send flowers, dahlias, jasmine, orchids and other means
8. Happy Birthday peers: optional pomegranate, ivory flowers, red rose, etc., containing the bright future of hope springs eternal.

9. Mother's Day:

5 year the second Sunday of the month. typically large petals pink carnation as Mother's Day with flowers. pink is a feminine color, carnation petals on behalf of the layers of the mother of their children and continual feelings.

when you can send single flowers, but also to send a bouquet composed of a few sticks, or inserted into a sleek and unique floral arrangements. red carnations: used to wish his mother good health and longevity; yellow carnation: the representative of the mother's gratitude; powder Color Carnation: to pray always beautiful young mother; white carnations: In addition to the meaning of the above colored flowers, but also pinned on the mother's mourning the late thoughts of love. Campsis meaning mother's love, often with the holly, primrose together , form a bouquet presented to mother, to express feelings of love for his mother. with carnations, gerbera together with asparagus, tied into the main line of red flowers, said the warm wishes.

10. Father's Day :

each year the third Sunday in June. usually yellow roses sent to the main. In some countries, the yellow color as the male. In Japan, Father's Day must be sent to the white rose flower, branch number and shape of the Open.

11. to the elderly birthday, should be sent to Evergreen, Monstera, Strelitzia reginae, longevity of orange, peach birthday, to congratulate the health and longevity.
< br> 12. housewarming: stable noble flowers for delivery, such as gladiolus, roses, potted plants, bonsai, that grand.

13. funeral: for white roses, white lotus flowers, or prime, a symbol of regret missed feelings.

14. give the elderly a pot of plum bonsai flower selection, gift the elderly, meaning The more intelligent

three taboos

flowers gift flowers in form, color, and has a large number of courtesy, such as not pay attention to, to send out flowers and good wishes to not express good wishes, and even obtaining the anti-matter. Therefore,UGG shoes, when the flowers should know how to note the following:

1. flowers is the highest quality flowers, followed by silk flower, plastic flower lowest grade, so it is not for special occasions Do not choose plastic flowers give it away.

2. to visit the patient not to send flowers flower pot, to avoid misunderstanding the patient into the root of a long illness. fragrant flowers on very strong negative surgical patients, can lead to coughing; color is too rich and gaudy the flower to stimulate the patient's nerves, excited irritable mood.

3. Note that the expression of the kingdom of flowers, the semantic area.

in foreign countries, not to send flowers to the middle-aged small flowers, which means their immaturity. Do not give young people big flowers sent flowers big flowers.

(1) in India and European countries, roses and white lilies, was sent to the pious memory of the dead products; (2) Japan people hate lotus, lotus is considered that after death the world of flowers. send chrysanthemums to Japan, it can only get only 15 varieties of petals.

(3) In Latin America, do not send chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum as a people will a send those who have strong fragrance of flowers.

(5) Mexico, Colombia and the French ancient taboo yellow flowers.

with Germany, the Swiss exchanges: to send a friend a wife or regular girlfriend or a boyfriend Do not send red roses to them, because the red rose represents love, they would be misunderstood.

(6) German as the tulip as a br> (7) in Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Belgium and other countries, the chrysanthemum symbolizes sorrow and pain, both hands must not as a gift.

(8) in Russia, Yugoslavia and other countries to send flowers if so, remember to give a single number, because even numbers are considered unlucky.

(9) In France, the yellow flowers are disloyal, said;

(10) Romanian What color are the flowers like it, but generally when flowers, send do not send a single double, except for birthday, if you miss a family birthday reception,UGGs, the two flowers on the table, it is the most popular. < br>
(11) lily representatives of the British and Canadians in the eyes of death, must not be sent.

4. Note that the number of flowers:

understanding of the number of East Western vary widely, such as China pay attention to good dual, double the number of selected activities are often held, an auspicious meaning, in pairs,UGG boots, so the happy occasion is normally set in even-numbered dates, flowers have to choose an even number, the funeral should be send a single number, so that Japan, Korea, China believes that 4 unlucky. Japan is also taboo 9, that gave them nine flowers, is regarded as a robber. can not be sent to the Japanese chrysanthemums with a 16, because it marks the Japanese royal insignia.

5. Note flower color:

Chinese like red, that the New Year. westerners like white, that is pure and beautiful. In China, white as a mourning color. the red flowers to Westerners love to talk to each other if there is suspected, so the flowers when the Westerners, mostly composed of multi-colored bouquet of flowers presented, very few send all-red or yellow.

flowers are beautiful symbol, in an important position in people's lives, to spend a good friend to speed up the feelings of communication, a good grasp of flowers etiquette, harmonious interpersonal relationships will increase the interest in life, to express emotion and elegant, creating a beautiful mood.

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